TableĀ 1

Definitions of thematic categories emerging from the health service accreditation literature

Thematic categoriesDefinitions
Relationship to quality measuresExamination of the use and validity of quality measures within accreditation programmes or the impact of accreditation on different measures of clinical quality
Organisational impactsExamination of the impact of accreditation programmes on health service organisations and units
Programme assessmentsAssessment of the development and validity of accreditation programmes
Change mechanismsExploration of how the activity of preparing and undergoing accreditation promotes change in health service organisations
Professionalsā€™ attitudes towards accreditationAnalysis of the views of healthcare professionals concerning the processes, impacts and value of accreditation programmes
Financial impactsExploration of the financial costs of accreditation for different stakeholders
Consumer views or patient satisfactionAssessment of the effects of accreditation on the views and satisfaction of patients or consumers
Survey and surveying issuesAssessments of the function and reliability of accreditation surveys and surveyors