Table 2

Missing-item rate, test–retest reliability and hospital-level reliability for patient-incident questions and incident index (n=10 514)

Hospital-level reliability
Missing item (%)Test–retest reliability (n=163)ICCReliability*n For rel. 0.7†n For rel. 0.8†n For rel. 0.9†
Questions with five response categories (1, ‘not at all’ to 5, ‘to a very large extent’)
 1. Do you believe you were incorrectly treated by the hospital in any way (as far as you yourself are able to judge)?3.60.640.0150.724153263591
 2. Did you get a wrong or delayed diagnosis in connection with your hospital stay?25.00.720.0240.76095163366
 3. Did you suffer any unnecessary injury or unnecessary problem as a result of a surgical procedure or examination?30.70.560.0200.704117198446
 4. Did you receive the wrong medication, or were you incorrectly medicated in any other way?19.40.390.0140.660167286643
 5. Did you experience insufficient hand hygiene (hand washing) among the staff?15.80.540.0140.673164282634
 6. If you experienced mistakes or unnecessary problems in connection with your hospital stay, did the staff handle the mistake or problem in a satisfactory way?70.90.360.0320.62371121272
 7. Did you experience that important information about you had reached the right people?6.20.380.0340.85166114256
Questions with three response categories (1, ‘no’; 2, ‘once’; 3, ‘more than once’)
 8. Did you experience any administrative mistakes during your hospital stay?3.00.540.0220.795104178400
 9. Did you experience that the staff forgot to check your identity?2.70.510.0090.6042634511014
 10. Did you experience that the staff forgot to give you important information?
Questions with two response categories
 11. Did you get an infection in connection with your hospital stay? (1, ‘no’; 2, ‘yes’)8.30.44
 12. Was an updated list of your medications reviewed with you when you were discharged from hospital? (1, ‘yes’; 2, ‘no’)26.00.67
 13. When you were admitted, did you bring along an updated list of medications you were taking? (1, ‘yes’; 2, ‘no’)43.60.61
Patient-incident index (range 0–12, sum of questions 1–12)0.00.610.0310.84573126283
  • *Reliability refers to observed reliability given the sample size.

  • †n For rel. 0.7/0.8/0.9 indicates the sample size per hospital needed to obtain these three reliability levels.

  • ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient.