Table 2

Reasons for missed or delayed prostate cancer follow-up as ascertained by record review

Prostate cancer triggerPSA-based trigger
ReasonTotal records
# (%)
Justification documented (false positives)
 Patient declined further prostate-related care27 (21.3)
 Patient pursued outside care22 (17.3)
 Unable to reach patient despite multiple phone calls/mailings5 (3.9)
 Record identified by trigger despite not meeting red flag
criteria (data miscoded)
0 (0.0)
 Patient identified by trigger despite meeting exclusion or expected follow-up criteria73 (57.5)
  Treated for prostatitis41
  Prior recent biopsy at outside institution19
  Appropriate care performed10
  Known history of prostate cancer2
  Terminal illness/hospice care1
Total with justification documented127 (29.8)
No justification documented (true positives)
 No reason/rationale documented190 (63.5)
 Appropriate care ordered but not performed within 90 days (eg, PSA repeated beyond 90 days)109 (36.5)
Total without justification documented (PPV)299 (70.2)
  • PPV, positive predictive value; PSA, prostate specific antigen.