Table 2

Details of the first 6 QIs in nationwide use in France in acute-care hospitals

QINumber of records in random sample (n)*Calculation
Traceability of pain assessment80†Proportion of records containing at least one pain assessment result (number of records with at least one result/n)
Quality and content of the medical record80†Composite score (compliance with 10 items): presence of: surgical report, delivery report, anaesthetic record, transfusion record, outpatient prescription, outpatient record, admission documents, care and medical conclusions at admission, and drug prescriptions during stay; overall medical record organisation
Quality and content of the anaesthetic record60Composite score (compliance with 13 items). Presence of the following information:
  • Preanaesthesia: patient name, anaesthetist name, information on preanaesthesia visit, treatments, risk evaluation, type of anaesthesia, evaluation of access to upper airways

  • Peranaesthesia: anaesthetist name, technique of access to upper airways

  • Postintervention: anaesthetist name, discharge from recovery room, drug prescriptions

  • Perianaesthesia: adverse events

Time elapsed before sending discharge letters80†Proportion of records containing a letter sent to the patient's general practitioner within 8 days (number of records containing a letter/n)
Screening for nutritional disorders80†Proportion of records giving body weight (BW) at admission (number of records with BW/n)
Management of acute myocardial infarction at hospital discharge‡ (8 QIs)60Proportion of records
1. With prescription for an antiplatelet drug (number with prescription+number justifying absence of prescription /n)
2. With prescription for a beta-blocker (number with prescription+number justifying absence of prescription /n)
3.1. With left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) measurement (number with LVEF/N)
3.2. With LVEF <40% and prescription for an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (number of records with prescription/number of records with LVEF <40%)
4.1. With prescription for a statin (number with prescription+number justifying absence of prescription/n)
4.2. With prescription for a statin and order for lipid test (number of records with an order/number of records with a prescription)
5. With advice on diet (number of records with advice/n)
6. Of patients with a history of cigarette smoking who received advice on giving up (number of records with advice/number of records for patients with history of cigarette smoking)
  • *Previous year records for patients hospitalised for more than 1 day.

  • †Same sample used to measure 4 QIs.

  • ‡Patients who died in hospital were excluded.

  • QI, quality indicator.