Table 6

Pairwise Kendall-τ correlation analyses with 95% CI of staff ratings (scale of 1–5) with hospital standardised mortality ratios by staff professional group at all 147 acute general National Health Service hospitals in England

StatementResponsesKendall τ (95% CI)p Value
Care of patients is my trust's top priorityMedical/dental6422−0.10 (−0.21 to −0.01)0.06
Nursing22291−0.23 (−0.33 to −0.13)<0.001
Allied health professionals11476−0.11 (−0.22 to −0.00)0.05
If a friend or relative needed treatment I would be happy to with the standard of care provided by this trustMedical/dental4614−0.16 (−0.27 to −0.06)0.003
Nursing22232−0.20 (−0.31 to −0.10)<0.001
Allied health professionals11478−0.12 (−0.23 to −0.01)0.03
I am satisfied with the quality of care I give to patientsMedical/dental45920.02 (−0.08 to 0.12)0.71
Nursing21966−0.07 (−0.18 to 0.03)0.19
Allied health professionals10811−0.03 (−0.15 to 0.09)0.56