TableĀ 3

Adverse events (AEs) (2004 and 2008 data pooled) by clinical process and proportions judged preventable, leading to permanent disability (excluding death) and contributed to death

ClassificationNo. of AEsDistribution of AEs (column %*)Preventable (row %*)Permanent disability(row %*)Death (row %*)
Surgery (events related to an operation or occurring within 30 days after an operation)51651.736.55.56.2
Drug/fluid (eg, side effects, allergic reactions, anaphylaxis)27118.122.93.310.5
Medical procedure (eg, central catheters, endoscopies, pacemakers,)18414.725.66.48.0
Diagnostic (eg, missed, delayed or inappropriate diagnostic process)1407.079.76.721.7
Other clinical management (including nursing care and allied healthcare)1115.751.0010.2
Discharge (eg, inappropriate discharge)51.2100.000
Other (eg, fall)291.664.3014.3
  • *Percentages were weighted for oversampling of deceased patients and type of hospital.