Table 1

Current and projected ED and hospital resource utilisation with routine VOG use

Resource usage (imaging, admission)Current (2013 US national1895)Projection with ED VOG use
All ED dizziness CT rate (%)41.210.3
All ED dizziness MRI rate (%)2.43.0
All ED dizziness admission rate (%)18.817.2
Total ED/hospital workup costs (US$)9 242 624 9418 198 729 820
Projected annual US healthcare savings (US$)1 043 895 121
  • Newman-Toker, unpublished. See online supplement for parameters and sources. These numbers are purely resource-use based, and do not consider the societal and personal benefits from lives saved due to early stroke interventions, or reduced morbidity from improved treatment of inner ear disorders.

  • ED, emergency department; VOG, video-oculography.