Table 1

Challenges to safe practice themes and narrative data

ThemeNarrative data
(i) Clinical safety areas‘time pressures on nurses, tied very closely with communication—time pressures cripple communication and then people stop thinking about what they're doing’ (Nurse)
‘the complexity of medication usage—you can't just point the finger at faults in dispensing systems or in prescribing’ (Pharmacist)
‘Communication and transfer of accountability between physicians and between physicians and the other team members’ (Physician)
(ii) Priority setting‘I'm concerned about gerontology curriculum and people aren't learning enough about these things and then they're not able to provide good care. (Nurse)
‘The physicians are lucky to get any pharmacology in the medical school these days because a lot of schools have taken it right out. And they get virtually no toxicology.’ (Pharmacist)
‘One of the problems is who identifies what's important enough and then who decides what percentage of the teaching will cover that?’ (Physician)