Table 4

Technical and non-technical interventions

Resource or toolContent, format
 Evidence based
  Effective hand hygiene
  • CVC insertion checklist

  • DoH high-impact interventions

  • Technical interventions to prevent CVC-BSIs evidence summary

  • Frequently asked questions

  2% chlorhexidine skin antiseptic
  Full-barrier precautions
  Avoidance of the femoral route
  Review and prompt removal
  CVC insertion checklist
  • Printable example

  • CVC insertion trolley or pack

  Colocated materials
 Science of safety
  Guidance and teaching resources on safety
  • PowerPoint presentation

  • WebEx sessions

  Clinical stories and safety incidents
  • Videos

  Attendance at training sessions
  • Document

 Identifying and learning from incidents
  Identifying hazards, learning from safety incidents
  • Guidance for identifying and learning from incidents

  • Assessment of potential patient safety incident

  LFD framework/root cause analysis
  • Web tools (National Patient Safety Agency)

  Staff safety assessment
  • Short survey

 Executive–clinician partnerships
  Senior executive/shadowing partnership
  • Guidance note

  • Executive Leadership Webex

  Safety issues worksheet for executive partnership
  • ‘How to’ guide for leadership walk-rounds

  • Video

 Teamwork and communication
  Establishing a unit safety team
  • Guidance note

  Safety ‘climate’ and teamworking
  • Guide and framework for observing patient rounds and handovers

  • Shadowing another professional

  Safety culture survey
  • AHRQ

  Daily goals checklist
  • Three examples of daily goals charts offered