Table 1

The 42 QIs developed for nationwide use in France

Type of hospitals concerned
Date of selectionPriority areaData sourceACRehab.PsyHome careIntroduced in*
(a) Indicators in nationwide use (n=24)
Consumption of antibiotics per 1000 patient-days20034AdminXXX2006
Composite index for evaluation of activities against nosocomial infections20034AdminXXX2006
Rate of surgical site infections (SURVISO)20034AdminX2006
Rate of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus per 1000 patient-days20034AdminXX2006
Annual volume of alcohol-based products (gels and solutions) per patient-day20034AdminXXX2006
Conformity of anaesthetic records20032PMRX2008
Delay in sending hospitalisation summary to general practitioner20039PMRX2008
Screening for nutritional disorders in adults20033PMRX2008
Medical record content20032PMRX2008
Traceability of pain assessment20031PMRX2008
Hospital care of myocardial infarction after the acute phase (8 QIs)†20036PMRX2008
Compliance of patient records in rehabilitation hospitals (4 QIs)20092PMRX2009
Traceability for risk assessment of pressure ulcers20096PMRXXX2009
Multidisciplinary meetings in oncology20032PMRX2010
Conformity of orders for imaging tests‡20032PMRXX2010
Compliance of patient records in homecare (5 QIs)20092PMRX2010
Compliance of patient records in psychiatry (3 QIs)20092PMRX2010
Prevention and management of postpartum haemorrhage (5 QIs)20096PMRX2012
Support for haemodialysis patients (X QIs)20096PMRX2012
Initial hospital treatment of stroke (6 QIs)20036PMRX2012
Satisfaction in hospitalised patients20035SurveyXIn progress
Waiting time for external consultation20038AdminXIn progress
Organisational support for breast cancer20036PMRXIn progress
Architectural, ergonomic and informational accessibility20038SurveyXXXIn progress
(b) Indicators in development (n=8)Priority areaData source
Organisational climate7Survey
Emergency timeout8Admin
Evaluation of patient complaints and claims5Admin
Detection of alcohol-dependent patients6PMR
Patient experience5Survey
Obesity surgery in adult6PMR
Composite score of professionals coordination on acute stroke management patients9Admin
Composite score of emergency department assessment8Admin
(c) Discarded indicators (n=10)Priority area
Absence of short-term professionals in contact with the patient7
Turnover of professionals in direct contact with the patient7
Cancellation of procedures involving anaesthesia in ambulatory care2
Violence in psychiatry4
Deadline for appointments in medico-psychological centres8
Management of treatment side-effects6
Electroconvulsive therapy6
Death in low-mortality diagnosis-related groups4
Hospitalised patients with a social management2
Prevention of falls in hospitalised patients4
  • *The year of national introduction. From the introduction, the QI is mandatorily reported each year by all hospitals concerned (except for ‘Conformity of orders for imaging tests’ QI which is not mandatory).

  • †Depending on the theme, one or more QIs were developed; we count 1 QI for 1 theme.

  • ‡The only one that is not mandatory.

  • AC, acute care; Admin, administrative data-based; PMR, paper medical record; Psy, psychiatric care; QI, quality indicator; Rehab., rehabilitation care; Survey, ad hoc survey.