Table 1

Descriptive findings on the participating nurses, hospitals and organisational factors

Overall (individual level)Range across countries
Nurse characteristics (n=33 659)
 Percentage of female nurses92.8%89.0% (Greece) to 99.6% (Poland)
 Percentage of bachelor degree nurses54.0%0% (Germany) to 100% (Spain, Norway)
 Percentage of nurses working full-time65.9%42.9% (Netherlands) to 98.0% (Poland)
 Professional experience in the hospital10.3 years6.8 years (Norway) to 15.6 years (Poland)
Overall (hospital level)Range across countries
Organisational characteristics (n=488)
 Median number of beds356187 (Sweden) to 645 (Poland)
 Percentage of high-technology-level hospitals23%13.8% (Finland) to 63.4% (England)
 Percentage of teaching hospitals16%3.6% (Netherlands) to 78.8% (Spain)
Organisational context of nursing
 Mean number of patients per nurse8.45.2 (Norway) to 12.7 (Germany)
 Mean nurse work environment score2.62.3 (Greece) to 2.9 (Switzerland)
 Percentage of nurses having often performed non-nursing tasks during last shift33.9%17.4% (Spain) to 61.2% (Germany)