Table 2

‘Typical’ EQ5D states associated with adverse events in each severity class, as defined by Brennan et al24

Health stateExample: Warfarin complicationMobilitySelf-careUsual activitiesPain/discomfortAnxiety/depressionIndexUtilityDisutility
Moderate Impairment, recovery 1–6 monthsReadmission for minor bleeding11211112110.880.12
Moderate Impairment, recovery >6 monthsMajor Gastrointestinal bleeding21211212110.810.19
Permanent ImpairmentStroke, leaving residual moderate hemiplegia22212222120.640.36
Permanent—SevereStroke, leaving dense hemiplegia22312223120.310.69
  • For each dimension 1 represents no handicap, 2 represents a moderate handicap, and #3 represents a severe handicap.