Table 1

Hospital's clinical protocol for the interval between observation sets

ViEWS valueMinimum interval between observation sets*
0–16 or 12 hourly†
26 hourly
3–64 hourly
7–81 hourly
≥930 min
  • *This time interval also represents the minimum time between charting observations in VitalPAC. When a patient is being continuously monitored using electronic technology, a full set of vital signs data must be entered into VitalPAC using the ‘minimum interval’ algorithm (eg, for a patient with a previous ViEWS=7, data from a continuous device must be entered each hour).

  • †The recommended observation interval for patients with ViEWS of 0 or 1 will be 6 hourly. However, a 12-hourly interval will be recommended if the valid ViEWS of 6 h ago was 0 or 1; there have been no increases in adjacent ViEWS in the past 6 h (that is, 0+0=12 h; 1+0=12 h; 1+1=12 h; 0+1=6 h).

  • ViEWS, VitalPAC Early Warning Score.