Table 1

Study sample

CountryIndividual interviews (n=53)Focus group interviews (n=37)Country specific inclusion criteriaGeneral inclusion criteria
The Netherlandsn=8n=7Patients admitted to internal medicine, pulmonary diseases, cardiology or (vascular) surgical wards>18 years
Diagnosed with either diabetes mellitus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure, asthma or/and poly-pharmacy (>6 drugs)
Discharged to home or nursing home (under responsibility of primary/community care)
Spainn=8n=3Patients belonging to cultural minority groups with
limited health literacy (capacity to read, write, and understand healthcare information)
Polandn=23n=10Patients ≥60 of age
Italyn=5n=9Patients admitted to emergency ward
Swedenn=9n=8Patients admitted to emergency ward via emergency room. If living at a nursing home, only within a geographically specified area
  • Number of participants by country and inclusion criteria.