Table 2

Changes in the National Staff Survey 2007–2011 (NHS trusts in England)

200720092011Change 2007–2009Change 2009–2011Standard deviation (2007)
‘I have adequate materials, supplies and equipment to do my work’3.223.363.38+0.14**+0.02*0.18
'There are enough staff at this Trust for me to do my job properly’2.612.782.72+0.17**−0.06**0.17
‘I do not have time to carry out all my work’3.303.263.25−0.04**−0.010.21
  • Results are based on the 309 NHS trusts in England with data from all 3 years shown. p values are based on paired sample t tests. Responses were on a 1–5 scale with 5 indicating greater agreement with statements; an increase of 0.10 is equivalent to 10% of respondents moving up one category of response, for example, from ‘neither agree nor disagree’ to ‘agree’.

  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01.

  • NHS, National Health Service.