Table 2

Overview of the ICC with its CI, the mean score per item and the SEM

ICC(95% CI)MeanSEM†ICC(95% CI)MeanSEM†ICC(95% CI)MeanSEM†
Overall EPOC score0.91(0.84 to 0.95)0.400.050.85(0.74 to 0.92)0.640.140.88(0.76 to 0.94)0.660.13
Self category0.00(−0.30 to 31) to 0.63)−0.12 to 0.28)0.100.25
AssertivenessSame as category ‘self’
Human interaction0.90(0.80 to 0.95)0.610.080.90(0.78 to 0.96)1.460.260.95(0.91 to 0.97)1.330.16
Working with others0.85(0.73 to 0.92)0.690.130.87(0.73 to 0.94)2.860.510.84(0.71 to 0.92)2.290.44
Task-oriented leadership0.84(0.72 to 0.91) to 0.91)0.660.400.74(0.58 to 0.85)0.530.36
People-oriented leadership0.70(0.52 to 0.82)0.800.240.76(0.62 to 0.86)0.870.470.62(0.35 to 0.80)1.140.71
Environment0.85(0.75 to 0.91) to 0.77)0.360.260.56(0.35 to 0.72)0.540.33
Situation awareness0.77(0.63 to 0.86) to 0.91) to 0.73)0.160.24
Planning and anticipation0.84(0.73 to 0.90) to 0.79)0.680.500.58(0.37 to 0.73)0.920.60
  • All results were calculated using the mean score per item of a category or dimension.

  • Note. The follow-up measurement of the ED comprised 57 unique individual observations and 43 contemporaneous observations, for the baseline ICU these were 274 and 33 and for the follow-up they were 309 and 35.

  • *Too few contemporaneous observations were conducted during the baseline measurement to enable the interobserver reliability characteristics to be calculated.

  • †The SEM is calculated using the following formula: SEM=√(Varianceobserver + Varianceinteraction+Varianceerror).

  • ED, emergency department; EPOC, explicit professional oral communication; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; ICU, intensive care unit.