Table 1

Overview of the three checklists

ChecklistClinical scopeStaff involvementCategories and numbers of items
WHO Surgical Safety ChecklistSurgical careSurgeon(s), anaesthetist(s), nurse(s)Total of 22 items, in three categories:
  • Before induction of anaesthesia (7 items)

  • Before skin incision (10 items)

  • Before patient leaves operating room (5 items)

SURPASSAll surgical care between patient admission and dischargeWard doctor(s), surgeon(s), anaesthetist(s), nurse(s) or operating assistant(s)Total of 90 items, in 11 categories
Checklists based on the Universal ProtocolSurgical care, but also (if applicable) when the procedure is scheduled, when the patient enters the healthcare facility, and anytime care is transferred between caregiversVaries by siteVaries by site
  • SURPASS, Surgical Patient Safety System.