Table 3

Association between nurse-related organisational factors and nursing care left undone (n=33 659 nurses)

EstimateStandard errorp Value
Organisational context of nursing
 Nurse staffing0.091090.01413<0.0001
 Nurse work environment−2.19010.1758<0.0001
 Non-nursing tasks during last shift2.17800.1922<0.0001
Nurse factors
 Professional experience in the hospital−0.017270.001995<0.0001
Hospital characteristics
 Number of beds−0.000080.0001240.5198
 Technology level−0.077500.097120.4249
 Teaching status0.11480.10780.2869
  • Multiple multilevel linear regression model with hospital-level as random and country-level as fixed effects, accounting for the hierarchical structure of the data (nurses nested within hospitals within countries).