Table 2

Descriptive scale statistics and test-retest correlations for PMOS scales

nMinMaxMeanSDr Test-retest
PMOS positive index2972.0035.0024.437.280.75*** (n=24)
Factor 1: Communication and team work2972.** (n=24)
Factor 2: Organisation and care planning2951.005.003.920.880.52** (n=24)
Factor 3: Access to resources2941.005.003.660.900.69*** (n=24)
Factor 4: Ward type and layout2961.605.003.780.840.47* (n=23)
Factor 5: Information flow2921.675.004.070.770.69** (n=24)
Factor 6: Staff roles and responsibilities2941.005.003.700.980.81*** (n=24)
Factor 7: Staff training2581.* (n=19)
Factor 8: Equipment (design and functioning)2711.* (n=20)
Retained item: 8. My treatment/procedure/operation did not always happen on time (reversed)2731.005.003.341.400.29 (n=22)
Retained item: 26. Too few staff meant that things DIDN'T get done on time. for example, attending to call bells, removing bodily fluids, toileting patients, feeding patients (reversed)2821.005.003.351.400.07 (n=21)
  • ***p≤0.001, **p≤0.01, *p≤0.05.

  • PMOS, Patient measure of safety.