Table 2

Preprogramme and postprogramme results

Preprogramme (n=39, response rate=100%)Postprogramme (n=22, response rate=56%)
Significant difference, p value <0.05, for both
Confidence in using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles (4-point Likert scale used: very confident, somewhat confident, not very confident, not at all confident)5.1% (2) ‘very confident’
33.3% (13) ‘somewhat confident’
17.9% (9) ‘not very confident’
43.6% (17) ‘not at all confident’
59.1% (13) ‘very confident’
40.9% (9) ‘somewhat confident’
Awareness of the importance of QI in their practice (5-point Likert scale used: strongly agree, slightly agree, neither agree nor disagree, slightly disagree, strongly disagree)74.4% (29) ‘strongly agree’
25.6% (10) ‘slightly agree’
81.8% (18) ‘strongly agree’
13.6% (3) ‘slightly agree’
4.5% (1) ‘neither agree nor disagree’
  • QI, quality improvement.