TableĀ 1

Overall staff responses to questions posed by National Health Service (NHS) Staff Survey 2009 questionnaire at all 147 acute general NHS hospitals in England

StatementsStrongly disagree n (%)Disagree n (%)Neither agree nor disagree n (%)Agree n (%)Strongly agree n (%)
Care of patients is my trust's top priority (n=60089)3149 (5.2)6805 (11.3)15318 (25.5)25875 (43.1)8942 (14.9)
If a friend or relative needed treatment I would be happy to with the standard of care provided by this trust (n=60174)1944 (3.2)5383 (9.0)15565 (38.0)30796 (51.2)6486 (10.8)
I am satisfied with the quality of care I give to patients (n=52121)555 (0.9)2646 (4.4)3892 (7.5)26381 (50.6)18647 (35.8)