Table 1

Description of responsive innovation evidence reviews (RIERs)

RIERProject (Innovation team)Number of pages (text word count)Questions/topics addressedNumber of citationsArticles in evidence table
Advanced accessVISN system redesign open access project (VAIL leadership)9 (1390)▸ What is advanced access? ▸ What is the evidence that advanced access works? ▸ Resources for advanced access implementation77
HomelessnessHome telehealth and vet-to-vet in HUD-VASH (VA supportive housing (VAIL homelessness workgroup, supporting access to primary care for homeless veterans)6 (961)▸ Elements of programmes directed toward the homeless ▸ Evidence of outcomes ▸ Resources55
Interactive communicationMental health integration into primary care PACT (primary care/mental health provider communication workgroup)15 (1159)▸ What are some effective and efficient evidence-based strategies to allow for two-way communication between primary care and mental health? ▸ What are the known barriers and facilitators of communication among primary care and mental health providers?3431
Motivational interviewingInforming project selection, no project resulted from the topic (VAIL affiliated staff)13 (2057)▸ Is there an abbreviated method for training providers in this technique? ▸ What are the essential elements necessary to successfully motivate a patient? ▸ What is the time commitment needed to motivate individuals to change their behaviour using this technique? ▸ Are there any gender differences requiring modifying intervention and/or affecting outcomes? ▸ Costs of the intervention6023
PCMH evaluation measuresVAIL project evaluation (VAIL evaluation team)6 (504)▸ Evaluation measures used in PCMH interventions33
Patient registriesRN disease managers role in PACT (Oceanside quality council)7 (925)▸ Use of registries ▸ Resources77
PCMH and mental healthMental health integration into primary care PACT (Sepulveda ambulatory care clinic quality council)8 (1125)▸ Mental health and primary care integration—A spectrum of models ▸ Situation in the VA ▸ Other resources2118
PharmacistsReducing walk-in visits for pharmacy refills (sepulveda ambulatory care clinic quality council)10 (2094)▸ Prescription refills ▸ The bigger picture: medication therapy management ▸ Role of the pharmacist in primary care ▸ Summary ▸ Resources158
Primary care team functioningTeam based communication mini-TEX (teamlet evaluation exercise) (VAIL education workgroup)8 (1409)▸ How do we measure team functioning? ▸ What do we know about team effectiveness within primary care? ▸ An example of care team assessment within the VA ▸ How can team development be assessed? ▸ Examples of questions from various care team functioning instruments145
ReadmissionsPACT posthospitalisation telephone intervention (Redlands Boulevard outpatient clinic quality council)9 (697)▸ Readmission reduction strategies ▸ Readmission rate as an outcome—Some concerns ▸ Elements of a readmission reduction intervention1111
Relational coordinationTeam based communication Mini-TEX (teamlet evaluation exercise) (VAIL education workgroup)10 (578)▸ What is relational coordination? ▸ Measuring and analysing relational coordination ▸ Relational coordination and primary care ▸ Resources1311
Secure messagingPoint-of-care enrolment of veterans in MyHealtheVet (VA online personal health record) (redlands boulevard outpatient clinic quality council)7 (960)▸ Secure messaging ▸ Patients using secure messaging ▸ Evidence for outcomes ▸ Implementation challenges ▸ Resources99
Self-managementRN disease managers role in PACT (Oceanside quality council)8 (1370)▸ Does self-management support work? ▸ Twelve evidence-based principles for self- management support implementation in primary care ▸ Implications for PACT76
  • Note: Excluding search terms, tables, figures, references.

  • Note: VISN (Veterans Integrated Service Network); VAIL (Veterans Assessment and Improvement Laboratory); PACT (Patient Aligned Care Team); HUD-VASH (US Dept. of Housing and Urban Affairs—VA Supportive Housing).

  • PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home); VA (Veterans Affairs); RN (registered nurse). The abbreviation TEX is already in the text of the line where it is found and stands for (teamlet evaluation exercise).