Table 1

Health Belief Model: contents of the transition notebook

DomainsNotebook content
Perceived susceptibility
  • Not aware of current respiratory status, BMI or microbiologic profile and its effects on long term health

  • Graphs of pulmonary function tests, BMI, and sputum microbiology data are reviewed with clinician

Perceived severity
  • Not aware of the consequences of CF disease

  • Prepared material selected based on per patient/provider discussion including graphs from CFF patient registry, antibiotic information, infertility, nutrition, etc

Perceived benefits
  • Not aware of the benefits of CF treatment

  • Graphs of pulmonary function when healthy versus sick and potential impact of pulmonary exacerbations.

  • BMI correlation with lung function

Perceived barriers
  • No time to do chest therapy

  • No time to take enzymes

  • Calendar to monitor and encourage airway clearance therapies

  • Schedules for time management

  • Discuss ways to incorporate enzymes with meals

Cues to action
  • May forget to keep track of symptoms

  • May forget medications

  • Calendar insert to record daily health status or symptoms and to remind patient to take medications and do chest therapy and chart completed therapies

  • Medication list to remind patient of medications

  • Not sure they can do all their treatments

  • Not sure how to contact their providers

  • ‘To do list’ to set small but stepwise goals, reviewed by clinician

  • Business card holders for multiple specialists/provider numbers for patients to have easy access to their provider

  • BMI, body mass index; CF, cystic fibrosis; CFF, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.