Table 4

Confirmatory factor analysis of the 42 items of the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture in this study and other published sources

 This studyOriginal4Other studies12–15Recommended criteria of good fit
RangeMedianKline22Hu and Bentler23
Root mean square error of approximation0.0430.040.033–0.0470.043<0.10<0.06
Comparative fit index0.890.940.89–0.990.91>0.90>0.95
Non-normed fit index0.880.930.88–0.980.90>0.90>0.95
Standardised root mean residual0.0460.040.044–0.050.047<0.06<0.08
Goodness of fit index>0.990.88–0.990.94>0.95