Table 3

Outpatient intervention and odds of readmission (n=913 HF index admissions, n=228 patients receiving interventions)*

Intervention categoryNExpected readmission rate†Observed readmission rateObserved/expected ratio (95% CI)p Value
Outpatient intervention completion
 Enrolled, received 1 or 2 outpatient components15023.817.30.73 (0.51 to 0.95)0.01
 Enrolled, received ≥3 outpatient components2721.27.40.35 (0.00 to 0.85)<0.01
  • *Intervention components include direct care and care management received from nurse practitioner, pharmacist, nutritionist and/or home visit nurse.

  • †Expected readmission risk as calculated by electronic readmission risk model (e-Model).

  • HF, heart failure.