Table 4

Summary of studies implementing computerised interventions

StudyOutcomes measuredResults
Lesselroth (2011)Order set utilisationUse of the order set increased from 20% to 80% after switch from optional to mandatory completion
Beeler (2011)Prophylaxis prescriptionProphylaxis prescription improved for medical patients from 43.4% to 66.7% (p<0.0001) to 73.6% (p=0.011).
Kucher (2005)Prophylaxis prescriptionPatients were more likely to be prescribed mechanical prophylaxis (p<0.001) or unfractionated heparin (p<0.001) in the intervention arm. There was no significant difference in prescription of enoxaparin (p=0.18) or warfarin (p=0.11) between intervention and control arms
VTESignificantly more patients in the intervention arm were free from DVT or PE after 90 days (p<0.001)
Haut (2012)Appropriate prophylaxisAppropriate prophylaxis prescription significantly improved for trauma patients (84.4% vs 66.2%, p<0.001).
Preventable VTEPreventable VTE significantly decreased (1.0% vs 0.17%, p=0.04).
  • DVT, deep vein thrombosis; PE, pulmonary embolism; VTE, venous thromboembolism.