Table 2

Summary of studies implementing education only interventions

StudyOutcomes measuredResults
Scaglione (2005)Appropriate prophylaxis prescriptionAppropriate VTE prophylaxis prescription significantly improved for medical (42% vs 25%, p=0.0075) and surgical (97% vs 64%, p=0.0004) patients
VTEVTE significantly decreased (adjusted OR 0.68, 95% CI 0.62 to 0.75)
Piazza (2012)Prophylaxis administrationAdministration of prescribed pharmacological VTE prophylaxis was higher after the patient education intervention (94.4% vs 89.9%, p<0.0001)
Documented patient refusal of prophylaxisPatient refusal significantly decreased (29.3% vs 43.7%, p<0.001)
  • VTE, venous thromboembolism.