Table 3

Error rates in medication verification and administration tasks, under all three conditions

TaskNumber of nurses committing error (%)
Preintervention experimentPostintervention experiment
Condition 1: uninterrupted (n=18)Condition 2: interrupted (n=18)Significance (Condition 1 vs 2)*Condition 3: interrupted (n=19)Significance (Condition 2 vs 3)†
Medication verification tasks (assessment of error detection)
1. Verifying medication name3 (17%)6 (33%)No (p=0.160)4 (21%)No (p=0.319)
2. Verifying medication dosage4 (22%)4 (22%)No (p=0.595)1 (5%)No (p=0.153)
3. Verifying medication volume in syringe9 (50%)16 (89%)Yes (p=0.003)11 (58%)Yes (p=0.038)
4. Verifying medication volume in AIP10 (56%)17 (94%)Yes (p=0.002)11 (58%)Yes (p=0.012)
5. Verifying patient ID7 (39%)6 (33%)No (p=0.591)6 (32%)No (p=0.593)
Medication administration tasks (assessment of error commission)
6. Intravenous push8 (44%)16 (89%)Yes (p=0.02)6 (32%)Yes (p=0.001)
7. Pump programming and infusion initiation0 (0%)7 (39%)Yes (p=0.03)1 (5%)Yes (p=0.017)
  • *McNemar's χ2 test (within-subjects analysis).

  • †Fisher's exact test (between-subjects analysis).