Table 2

Screening criteria in the stage 1 review

Charts with criterionAdverse event charts with criterion
1Unplanned admission (including readmission) to home care within the 6 months after discharge from index admission574.81316.0**
2Request for admission (denied or wait-listed) to home care within the 6 months after discharge from index admission30.300.0
3Recognised actual or potential environmental risks1089.01214.8
4Recognised actual or potential risks related to client behaviour1159.61923.5**
5Inappropriate/inaccurate home care or service provider assessment of client110.900.0
6New problem/diagnosis noted during index admission24320.33846.9**
7Client injury, harm, trauma or complication during home care admission18215.23442.0**
8Unplanned assessment/treatment by primary care provider during index admission675.61721.0**
9Unplanned visit to hospital emergency department during index admission27923.34960.5**
10Unplanned admission to acute care hospital during index admission24220.23138.3**
11Unplanned admission/request for admission to long-term care facility453.833.7
12Adverse drug reaction during index admission70.644.9**
13Acquired infection/sepsis1159.63239.5**
14Development of neurological deficit not present on admission but present at the time of discharge from the index home care stay80.722.5*
15Emotional or psycho-social problem in patient or informal caregiver443.7911.1**
16Unexpected death:373.122.5
17Other client complications, for example, AMI, CVA, PE, DVT, etc1018.41214.8*
18Expected family/informal caregiver availability for client assistance not realised171.444.9**
19Dissatisfaction with care documented in the client record and/or evidence of complaint lodged171.411.2
20Adverse event reported by a caregiver504.289.9**
21Documentation or correspondence indicating litigation, either contemplated or actual10.100.0
22Inappropriate discharge/inadequate discharge plan for index admission20.200.0
23Unplanned admission to any hospital within the 6 months after discharge from index admission211.844.9**
24Any other undesirable outcomes not covered above70.600.0
Mean number of criteria per chart3.403.63
  • *p<0.05; **p<0.01.

  • †χ2 indicates the association between the presence of a criterion and the risk of an adverse event.

  • ‡Out of 1200 fully audited charts.

  • §Out of 81 charts with adverse events.

  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; CVA, cerebrovascular accident (stroke); DVT, deep vein thrombosis; PE, pulmonary embolus.