Table 3

MaPSaF results

A Pathological
B Reactive
C Systems in place
D Proactive
E Generative
Junior Nurse May 2013Junior Nurse January 2014Senior Nurse
May 2013
Senior Nurse
January 2014
January 2014
Applied once
Number completed181810135
Number of staff2628141510
Percentage completed6964718650
Priority given to safetyCE ▴DDC
System errors and individual responsibilityCE ▴DDD
Learning and effective changeDDDDD
Communication about safety issuesDDD/EC ▾D
 Priority given to safetyDDDC ▾E
 System errors and individual responsibilityDDCE ▴D
 Learning and effective changeED ▾DC ▾D
 Communication about safety issuesED ▾CB ▾D
  • MaPSaF, Manchester Patient Safety Framework; ▴, move up MaPSaF scale; ▾, move down MaPSaF scale.