Table 1

Characteristics of clients with or without AE (selected variables)†

Adverse events
CharacteristicNoYesTotalp Value*
Age (years)71.2075.9371.520.016
Difficulty with communication later on during index admission (%)‡14.4623.7515.100.025
Difficulty with communication at intake or later on during index admission (%)15.3524.0515.940.041
Cognitive patterns problems (out of 3)§0.651.120.680.004
Communication problems (out of 4)0.710.960.720.017
Mood and behaviour problems (out of 2)0.310.490.320.022
IADL (1 independent, 4 dependent)2.352.822.390.000
IADL (% independent)43.927.442.60.000
ADL (1 independent, 4 dependent)1.631.861.650.015
ADL (% independent)68.559.367.80.011
Client functional status has deteriorated during admission (%)24.8856.7927.110.000
Pain (%)55.5775.3857.010.002
History of falls (%)30.0043.8431.090.014
Medications: number of prescriptions and over-the-counter meds:
Number of comorbid conditions (out of 32)3.945.564.050.000
Cardiac and vascular disease (out of 7)1.372.011.410.000
 Transient ischaemic attack0.
 Coronary artery disease0.210.400.220.000
 Other dementia0.
Infections (out of 5)0.250.530.270.001
 Urinary tract infection0.
 Other infection0.
Respiratory (out of 2)0.180.330.190.020
 Emphysema/chronic obstructive lung disease0.
Other comorbid conditions not noted above0.590.700.600.045
  • *p Value indicates significant difference between cases with and without adverse event, based on χ2 test for categorical variables and t test for continuous variables. None of the p values correct for multiple comparisons.

  • †This table presents only the statistically significant variables. See online supplementary appendix table 1 for all tested variables.

  • ‡Indicates the percentage of clients with this characteristic.

  • §Indicates the average number of problems or conditions in this category.