Table 2

Mean (SD) for safety measures and correlations between measures (N=33 wards)

Mean (SD)% harm-free careFriends and family testPMOS mean scoreHSOPSC—perceptions of safetyHSOPSC—patient safety gradeHSOPSC—frequency of eventsHSOPSC number of events reported
% harm-free care (0–100)91.61 (5.97)
Friends and family test (1–6)4.38 (0.25)0.29
PMOS mean score (0–5)3.84 (0.17)0.58***0.69***
HSOPSC—perceptions of safety3.54 (0.39)0.48**-0.050.25
HSOPSC—patient safety grade3.80 (0.44)0.54***0.110.300.91***
HSOPSC—frequency of events4.04 (0.330.**0.56**
HSOPSC—number of events reported2.39 (0.52)−0.41*−0.39*−0.43*−0.47**−0.44*−0.36*
  • *p<0.05; ** p<0.01; *** p<0.001.

  • % harm-free care, percentage of patients receiving harm-free care; HSOPSC, Hospital Survey of Patient Safety Culture; PMOS, Patient Measure of Safety.