Table 2

Mean and CIs for organisational characteristics per hospital type

Hospital typeStaffing adequacy*Nurse–physician relationship*Quality system*Patient safety management*Nurse-to-patient ratio†
Local hospital (n=22)Mean43.968.
Lower 95% CI40.566.249.352.947.2
Upper 95% CI47.369.754.757.355.1
Local university hospital (n=3)Mean42.
Lower 95% CI28.157.948.347.141.6
Upper 95% CI55.972.357.860.264.8
Regional university hospital (n=5)Mean49.065.851.654.968.2
Lower 95% CI37.062.943.548.152.7
Upper 95% CI61.268.759.661.683.7
  • *The original 4- or 5-point Likert scales have been transformed into 0–100 scale, where high scores represent positive descriptions in this table.

  • †Number of nurse-years per 10 000 patient days.