Table 3

Reasons for non-implementation for decisions in the first treatment plan

Reason for non-implementation of treatment decision*Number (%) n=355
Patient/carer/family choice54 (15)
Change in circumstances†40 (11)
Patient did not attend36 (10)
Decision was conditional and condition was not met21 (6)
Patient died19 (5)
Comorbidity arising post-MDT meeting, or deteriorated post-MDT meeting6 (2)
Comorbidity not discussed7 (2)
Other‡98 (28)
Non-implementation recorded but reason not given74 (21)
  • *Where non-implementation was recorded in the notes.

  • †For example, patient left the care of team.

  • ‡New information or test results emerged after the MDT meeting; incorrect or missing information at the MDT meeting; decision was implemented outside of the 3-month follow-up period.

  • MDT, Multidisciplinary team.