Table 4

Published examples of changes in complications and costs following participation in ACS NSQIP

HospitalComplication reductionSavings
Surrey Memorial Hospital32Reduced SSI over four years: from 13%, to 10%, to 7.5%, to 7.2%US$2.54 million in savings
Henry Ford Hospital36Reduced LOS by 1.54 days over 4 years for general surgery, vascular and colorectal proceduresUS$2 million in annual savings (increased billing by US$2.25 million/year as underbillings were identified)
VA8Surgical pneumonia aloneUS$9.3 million in savings annually
University of Michigan Medical Center5Respiratory complicationUS$51 409 per event; a reduction of two such complications per year pays for participation
Hershey Medical Center, Penn State33Additional cost attributable to a postoperative complication is US$16 371Avoiding one postoperative complication equals a cost saving of US$9052
  • ACS NSQIP, American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Project; LOS, length of stay; VA, Veterans Affairs.