Table 2

Recruitment of patients and dates of study periods

Assessed for eligibility431403
Excluded, not meeting study criteria
 Admitted outside study period2933
 Discharged outside study period5885
 Died during hospital stay99
 Used less than three regular medications at admission9858
 Transferred to another medical team during study period11184
 Readmitted during study period, already recruited522
Included in study and exposed to intervention121112
Follow-up, primary outcome not assessable204
Primary outcome data analysed101108
Dates of study periods
 Team 1Jul–Sep 2010Oct–Dec 2010
 Team 2Oct–Dec 2010Jan–Mar 2011
 Team 3Jan–early Mar 2011Late Mar–May 2011
 Team 4Jan–early Mar 2011Late Mar–May 2011