Table 2

Comparison of average positive scores of HOSPC subscales across subprofessional groups

 Physician (1)Other health worker (2)Nurse (3)Administration/management (4)p Value (ANOVA)Pairwise comparisons (LSD)
Frequency of events reporting0.340.040.390.060.480.050.330.060.05(1) vs (3);
(3) vs (4)
Overall perceptions of patient safety0.520.030.510.040.540.020.490.040.75
Manager expectations and actions promoting patient safety0.620.030.700.050.740.030.600.050.03(1) vs (3);
(3) vs (4)
Organisational learning0.740.030.710.050.750.030.580.050.01(4) vs others
Teamwork within units0.850.020.830.030.840.030.860.030.92
Communication openness0.320.
Feedback and communication about error0.630.030.610.060.640.040.510.050.15(4) vs (1);
(4) vs (3)
Non-punitive response to error0.180.020.310. vs (2)
Management support for patient safety0.520.030.590.050.520.040.500.050.65
Teamwork across units0.560.030.680.050.580.040.480.050.05(2) vs (1);
(2) vs (4)
Handoffs and transitions0.480.030.450.050.540.030.430.060.28
  • Bold type indicates dimensional scores with a significant difference from one or more others across subprofessional groups.

  • HOSPC, Hospital Survey of Patient Safety Culture; LSD, least significant difference.