Table 1

Barriers to vaccination administration and interventions to improve the percentage of completed influenza vaccination

DateBarrierPDSA cycleIntervention(s)
November 2007 to January 2008Lack of vaccination awareness on the inpatient wards1Flu vaccination campaign
  • ▸ posters

  • ▸ announcements at conferences such as morbidity and mortality conference and resident report

February 2009Discharge instructions template was confusing to providers2Adapted discharge instructions template to include influenza vaccination orders.
3Date of most recent influenza vaccination automatically pulled into discharge instructions note template
4Influenza vaccination order embedded in the discharge order process
H1N1 pandemic
April 2009Incomplete nursing documentation of administered vaccinations5
  • ▸ Simplified nursing flu shot note template

  • ▸ Added vaccinations section to daily nursing progress note

  • ▸ Ongoing education to nursing staff about the importance of proper vaccination documentation

September 2009Sustainability of process6Ward clerks were included in the inpatient vaccination campaign
  • ▸ The clerks reviewed the charts of those patients being discharged and requested vaccination orders for those who were due

November 2010Vaccination awareness waning7The date of most recent influenza vaccination is pulled into the resident physician admission note
October 2012Nursing order8Influenza vaccination becomes a standing order so that nurses can administer to all eligible patients
  • PDSA, Plan-Do-Study-Act.