TableĀ 4

Top 25 prevention codes

Systems integration1520
Standardised constructs for dosing regimens1142
Enhanced education/training791
Standardised SIGs775
Autocalculation for prescription quantities604
Duplicate order checking/support403
Default dosing selections318
Drug database improvements/enhancements232
Dose range checking212
Individual dosing calculations207
Improved design/functionality201
Medication reconciliation support200
Scheduling feedback169
Blank field checking141
Standardised constructs for dose form-route136
System for reconciling new/now with continuing dosing116
Enhanced allergy entry for drugs not included in allergy list109
Direct order entry to minimise verbal/telephonic issues106
Route-formulation checking93
Include time in checklist (12, 24, etc)91
Duplicate therapy checklist/support89
Formulary status and restrictions warnings89
Medication handoff/transfer standardisation86
Better testing of order sets/updates69
  • SIG, sig code for directions on how to take a medication.