Table 2

Preventability scores based in all reviews and at the patient level

Preventability ratingNumber of reviews given rating (n=2411)Number of deaths given rating (n=1052)*
1–Not preventable1759 (72.9%)577 (54.8%)
2–Not preventable549 (22.8%)399 (37.9%)
3–Not preventable, error present35 (1.5%)26 (2.5%)
4–Possibly preventable, error present57 (2.4%)40 (3.8%)
5–Likely preventable, error present11 (0.5%)10 (0.95%)
  • *When there were multiple reviews on one patient, we used the highest score. Eighty reviews and six deaths did not receive a preventability rating before it was a mandatory question on the review.