Table 2

Results of initial and revised confirmatory factor analysis models for speaking up climates

Calibration sample n=353Validation sample n=484
MetricsInitial modelRevised modelRevised model
Speaking up climate for safety
 Number of items655
 Omitted items11
 p Value of χ20.010.230.004
 Degrees of freedom644
 χ2/df ratio2.771.413.82
Speaking up climate for professionalism
 No. of items744
 Omitted items1, 2, 41, 2, 4
 p Value of χ2<0.0010.2060.47
 Degrees of freedom1111
 χ2/df ratio7.061.600.52
  • CFI, comparative fit index; NFI, normed fit index; RMSEA, root mean square error approximation; SRMR, standardised root mean square residual.