Table 3

Health conditions and health service use among patients with and without unmet resource needs

Patients who report an unmet need
% (n=416)
Patients who do not report a need
% (n=2750)
p Value
Chronic conditions
 Cerebrovascular disease7.76.80.49
 Chronic kidney disease7.96.00.14
 Coronary artery disease16.414.60.33
Health service use
 High emergency department use (>2 in calendar year 2013)11.35.4<0.0001
 High ‘no-shows’ to clinic appointments (>1 in calendar year 2013)21.611.9<0.0001
Chronic disease management
 LDL cholesterol >100 mg/dL*41.827.50.001
 Haemoglobin A1c >8.0%†37.727.30.0005
 Haemoglobin A1c >9.0%†22.412.1<0.0001
Cancer screening
 Incomplete cervical cancer screening‡
 Incomplete breast cancer screening§23.824.10.95
 Incomplete colorectal cancer screening¶
  • *Among patients with diabetes or CAD.

  • †Among patients with diabetes.

  • ‡Among women 21–64 years of age who had not undergone total hysterectomy.

  • §Among women 42–74 years of age who had not undergone bilateral mastectomy.

  • ¶Among patients 52–75 years of age who had not undergone total colectomy.

  • CAD, coronary artery disease; LDL, low-density lipoprotein.