TableĀ 2

The components of mindful organising and implementing them in everyday practice

Component of mindful organisingDefinitionQuestions to ask in daily practice
Preoccupation with failurePracticing with a chronic, proactive wariness of the unexpectedWhat are we worried about?
Where are we most vulnerable?
Reluctance to simplify interpretationsTaking deliberate steps to question assumptions and create a more complete and nuanced picture of operationsWhat assumptions are we making? Are there others we could make?
What are alternative ways to carry out our work?
Sensitivity to operationsOngoing interaction about expertise and current operationsWho will be most affected by our work?
Where does necessary experience reside?
Commitment to resilienceDeveloping and refining capabilities to quickly detect, contain and learn from errors and unexpected eventsDo we need to huddle and discuss what went well? How can we replicate it?
What went wrong? How can we avoid the same mistake?
Deference to expertiseEnsuring that decision-making authority migrates to the person or people with the most expertise when neededWho has knowledge we need to consider?
What barriers prevent us from drawing upon the appropriate expertise?