TableĀ 1

Quality Improvement Minimum Quality Criteria Set (QI-MQCS) domains

1. Organisational motivationOrganisational problem, reason or motivation for the intervention
2. Intervention rationaleRationale linking the intervention to its expected effects
3. Intervention descriptionChange in organisational or provider behaviour
4. Organisational characteristicsDemographics or basic characteristics of the organisation
5. ImplementationTemporary activities used to introduce potentially enduring changes
6. Study designStudy design and comparator
7. ComparatorInformation about comparator care processes
8. Data sourceData sources and outcome definition
9. TimingTiming of intervention and evaluation
10. Adherence/fidelityAdherence to the intervention
11. Health outcomesPatient health-related outcomes
12. Organisational readinessBarriers and facilitators to readiness
13. Penetration/reachPenetration/reach of the intervention
14. SustainabilitySustainability of the intervention
15. SpreadAbility to be spread or replicated
16. LimitationsInterpretation of the evaluation