Table 2

Health IT safety domains (Adapted from reference 39)

LevelPrinciples adapted from those used in the development of the SAFER guides
Domain 1
Safe health IT: address safety concerns unique to technology
  • Data availability—Health IT is accessible and usable upon demand by authorised individuals.

  • Data integrity—Health IT data or information is accurate and created appropriately and has not been altered or destroyed in an unauthorised manner.

  • Data confidentiality—Health IT data or information is only available or disclosed to authorised persons or processes.

Domain 2
Using health IT safely: optimise the safe use of technology
  • Complete/correct health IT use—Health IT features and functionality are implemented and used as intended.

  • Health IT system usability—Health IT features and functionality are designed and implemented so that they can be used effectively, efficiently and to the satisfaction of the intended users to minimise the potential for harm.

Domain 3
Monitoring safety: use technology to monitor and improve patient safety
  • Surveillance and optimisation—As part of ongoing quality assurance and performance improvement, mechanisms are in place to monitor, detect and report on the safety and safe use of health IT, and leverage health IT to reduce patient harm and improve safety.

  • IT, information technology; SAFER, Safety Assurance Factors for EHR Resilience.