Table 3

Association of quality score and PPR status (PPR–yes vs PPR–no)

VariableOR95% CIC statistic
Model 1
 Total score: equal section weight1.03(0.99 to 1.08)0.682
Model 2
 Total score: equal item weight1.05(0.99 1.11)0.695
Model 3
 Section A score1.11(0.94 to 1.31)0.697
 Section B score0.99(0.91 to 1.08)
 Section C score1.04(0.81 to 1.34)
 Section D score1.04(0.97 to 1.12)
  • All models are adjusted for age, sex, race and number of Elixhauser comorbidities.

  • Elixhauser comorbidities consist of 29 comorbidities obtained from inpatient and outpatient administrative data from year before admission up to and including the index admission.27

  • PPR, Potentially Preventable Readmission.