Table 2a

Description of major incidents submitted by physicians

Type of incidentn
KUH (n=18)Events after invasive or diagnostic procedures12
 Post-procedure bleeding(6)
 Perforation of gastrointestinal tract; esophagus, duodenum(2)
 Peripheral embolism(1)
 Accidental removal of hepatic artery catheter(1)
Postoperative surgical events4
 Pulmonary embolism(3)
 Portal embolism after liver transplantation(1)
Medication errors2
 Wrong frequency(1)
 Adverse drug reaction(1)
BWH (n=4)Events after invasive or diagnostic procedures1
 Delay in imaging and failure to diagnose(1)
Postoperative surgical events1
 Bleeding; hip replacement(1)
Medication errors1
 Adverse drug reaction(1)
 Patient found unresponsive(1)