Table 1

Frequency of missing items

ItemNumber of times missing%Min (%)Max (%)
Sign in
1. Patient identity70.5402.5
2. Procedure and operation site confirmed120.9303.75
3. Clinical and paraclinical information required available in operating room745.71052.5
4. Patient positioning161.2305
5. Surgical equipment required342.62013.75
6. Anaesthesia equipment required382.93012.5
7. Patient allergies191.4605
8. Risks of inhalation, difficulties of intubation or mask ventilation322.4706.25
9. Significant risk of bleeding685.24041.25
Time in (cross-checking)29.45
10. Patient identity correct302.31013.75
11. Planned procedure confirmed352.70013.75
12. Operation site identified352.70013.75
13. Patient position correct372.85013.75
14. Documents required available655.01032.5
15. Surgical information shared675.17018.75
16. Anaesthesia information shared513.93011.25
17. Antibiotic prophylaxis given624.78015
Sign out (verbal confirmation)
18. Procedure recorded977.48023.75
19. Instrument, swab and needle counts correct1189.10226.25
20. Specimens and samples correctly labelled1037.94026.25
21. Problems with equipment and adverse events reported14311.03033.75
22. Postoperative orders drawn up jointly by surgeon and anaesthetist15411.87041.25
Grand total1297100.00