Table 2

Agreement of pairs of assessors and score reliability (across competency dimensions and stations)

 Station 1Station 2Station 3Station 4
Near miss (DVT)Complex dischargeChallenging authorityMedication error disclosure
PS competency area*†‡§¶Weighted κAvg measures ICCWeighted κAvg measures ICCWeighted κAvg measures ICCWeighted κAvg measures ICC
Managing risk‡0.7940.8880.6370.6920.8690.933NANA
R, R and disclose§0.5680.716NANANANA0.5480.714
Station score0.8030.8940.7370.8110.7940.8700.8160.895
  • *Communicate effectively for PS.

  • †Work in teams for PS.

  • ‡Manage safety risks.

  • §Recognise, respond to and disclose adverse events.

  • ¶Contribute to a culture of safety.

  • DVT, deep vein thrombosis; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; PS, patient safety.