Table 1

Station descriptions

StationCase nameSafety contextPS competency areas assessed*†‡§¶Standardised person
1Jim the RooferNear miss (DVT)—Learner is asked to deliver a normal test result; patient's wife has received discrepant information about the testCommunication*, teamwork†, managing risk‡, R, R and disclose§, culture¶Patient's wife
2Bertha's not ready to goComplex discharge—Staff tells learner to discharge recovering stroke patient due to hospital capacity pressure; patient expresses several concerns about leaving so soonCommunication*, teamwork†, managing risk‡, culture¶Patient
3Jackson is in painChallenging authority—Learner has concerns about a patient's pain and requests staff physician's assessment; superior is busy and dismissiveCommunication*, teamwork†, managing risk‡, culture¶Staff physician
4Giny's insulinMedication error disclosure—Learner is asked to communicate an insulin overdose; patient expresses concerns and has questionsCommunication*, teamwork†,
R, R and disclose§, culture¶
  • *Communicate effectively for PS.

  • †Work in teams for PS.

  • ‡Manage safety risks.

  • §Recognise, respond to and disclose adverse events.

  • ¶Contribute to a culture of safety.

  • DVT, deep vein thrombosis; PS, patient safety.